Guidelines: Financial Literacy

This group focuses on understanding and managing money, including but not limited to saving, spending and budgeting, investment, and protecting oneself from scams. Guidelines for staying on topic:

1) The topic and/or context should be about money. Topics not directly related to autism are welcome.

2) The topic should be based on scenarios that can be encountered in the real world. Topics about magical worlds are not relevant. Speculation about future changes in our financial world and lives is relevant.

3) This group is NOT meant to replace professional financial advice. By joining this group, members agree to indemnify the group’s administrators from any liabilities and losses incurred by following the advice and information shared in this group. The administrators are not finance professionals and sharings are for educational purposes only. Members should do their own research and due diligence before acting on any information and advice.

4) Members are encouraged to discuss good spending habits, saving strategies, financial planning, latest scams to watch out for, and even investment strategies.

5) Any soliciting or recruitment for MLM and investment opportunities will result in an immediate ban.

Do note the rules about keeping the group spam-free. If you must share a long essay or article, please upload it on a blog, website, Google Drive or other online services first, then share the link for us to read at our leisure.