Guidelines: Life Stories Sharing

This group is meant as a window for NeuroTypicals to see what life is like for autistic adults. It discusses all topics that are not covered by the other groups in the network.

It also serves as a social support group for autistic adults to share about their real life experiences, challenges and the like. Unlike other groups, this groups allows some room for ranting, in the spirit of giving and receiving emotional support to and from each other.

NeuroTypical participants should be prepared for a high volume of conversation due to the broad range of topic, autistic enthusiasm and the need to provide emotional support.


Guidelines for staying on topic:

1) The topic must be related to the real life experiences of adult autistics. Topics about autistic children and NeuroTypical caregivers are irrelevant and these can be instead discussed on Caregiver Support group which is a social support group for caregivers.

2) The topic should preferably be based on scenarios that can be encountered in the real world.

3) The topic should be related to autistics who are confirmed to be on the spectrum, or otherwise believe that they are on the spectrum. Discussing people who have never mentioned about being on the spectrum, such as Albert Einstein, are not relevant. Fictitious characters that are strictly based on real life characters are relevant.

4) The topic best focused on stories of autistics who are alive, or at least have some connection to life in the modern era (i.e. within the lifetime of the group participants). Discussing about life in the 19th century or earlier is less helpful as times have changed.

5) As not all our life experiences are positive, participants in this group are encouraged to provide emotional support and positive affirmation for other participants who have experienced setbacks. Do understand that autistics have unique set of challenges and life experiences of which some are peculiar to autism, hence sharing of setbacks, with some ranting, comes as part of the sharing of life experiences, participants are expected to bear with it.

If you must share a long essay or article, please upload it on a blog, website, Google Drive or another online service first, then share the link for us to read at our leisure.