Guidelines: Life Stories Sharing

This group is meant as a window for NeuroTypicals to see what life is like for autistic adults. It discusses all topics that are not covered by the other groups in the network. In other words, topics covered by the other groups will be irrelevant here.

NeuroTypical participants should be prepared for a high volume of conversation due to the broad range of topic, autistic enthusiasm and the need to provide emotional support.


Guidelines for staying on topic:

1) The topic must be related to the real life experiences of adult autistics, and must also be related to the topic of autism. Topics about autistic children and NeuroTypical caregivers are irrelevant. Topics about autistics’ daily life unrelated to autism is also irrelevant; this should be in the social chitchat group.

2) The topic should be based on scenarios that can be encountered in the real world. Topics about imaginary scenarios and magical worlds are not relevant.

3) The topic should be related to autistics who are confirmed to be on the spectrum, or otherwise believe that they are on the spectrum. Discussing about people who have never mentioned about being on the spectrum, such as Bill Gates and Albert Einstein, are not relevant. Fictitious characters that are strictly based on real life characters are relevant.

4) The topic should be related to stories of autistics who are alive, or at least have some connection to life in the modern era (i.e. within the lifetime of the group participants). Discussing about life in the 19th century or earlier will be irrelevant.

5) As not all our life experiences are positive, participants in this group are expected to provide emotional support and positive affirmation for other participants who have experienced setbacks. Although such support may be considered irrelevant based on the group’s topic, but since it comes as part of the sharing of life experiences, participants are expected to bear with it.

If you must really mention something irrelevant that is connected to a relevant topic currently under discussion, then remember to end it within three mentions.


Participants are welcome to share their experiences when it is relevant to do so. As there are many people who have shared about their autism experiences already, participants are advised to focus on depth, quality, and uniqueness. Share something that you don’t usually hear from other works on autism or something that gives a twist to the ordinary.

Do note the rules about keeping the group spam-free. If you must share a long essay or article, please upload it on a blog, website, Google Drive or other online services first, then share the link for us to read at our leisure.


Additional Guidelines

Please note that the topics illustrated assume that there are no other relevant groups, but in reality, the last three examples already have their own groups (i.e. sports, health, and education).

Highly Relevant (100%):

  • When a lady chooses to hold hands with me (who is male) when we meet even though there is no need to do so, she is romantically interested in me. I can ask her out on a date.
  • Attending weddings is a highly stressful activity for autistics. I dislike having to make small talk most.
  • Does fishing help to make autistics calmer? Better than meditation?
  • A new research study found that drinking coffee may autistics with ADHD focus better in school.
  • I don’t like learning my Mother Tongue because of my difficulty with dyslexia and/or fine motor skills.

Relevant (75%):

  • Share about the difficulties in dating NeuroTypical ladies
  • For my future wedding, I want it to be disabled-friendly and autism-friendly so that all my friends can attend.
  • I get to bond better with my Dad while fishing. He may be on the spectrum.
  • Does being autistic make it more likely that we will drink coffee?
  • My school requires me to learn my Mother Tongue and I usually flunk the tests.

Somewhat Relevant (50%): watch out as conversation is becoming irrelevant

  • Share about tips on how to date NeuroTypical ladies
  • How much angbao money should we give, and should we lie in order to avoid attending?
  • I like fishing personally, and I do it often.
  • I drink 6 cups of double espresso in the morning or else I keep falling asleep.
  • Autistics should learn their Mother Tongue properly as it is likely to be useful for future career development.

Slightly Relevant (25%): please move the topic to another group after wrapping up

  • Sharing about the desire to visit the home of one’s romantic interest
  • My friend is a wedding planner and here are some of her horror stories about nasty customers just in case you want to be a wedding planner.
  • Who also likes fishing?
  • A research study found that drinking coffee can prolong your lifespan.
  • The policy making learning Mother Tongue compulsory is wrong and needs to be changed.

Totally Irrelevant (0%): please move the topic to another group immediately

  • Sharing about having dreams of the target of romantic interest
  • People waste too much money and time on weddings.
  • It is immoral to kill animals including fishes, especially via hooking them
  • How many US Presidents like to drink coffee?
  • Many celebrities have trouble speaking their mother tongue.