Guidelines: National Service

1) The topic and/or context should be about autistic people who are or will be affected by NS. Discussions about other groups of people serving NS are irrelevant unless linked to autism.

2) The topic should be based on scenarios that can be encountered in the real world. Topics about imaginary scenarios and magical worlds are not relevant. However, discussions about plausible scenarios where Singapore engages in war is relevant, since this is the very purpose of serving NS.

3) The topic should be related to autistics who are confirmed to be on the spectrum, or otherwise believe that they are on the spectrum. Discussing about people who are not or have not been confirmed to be on the spectrum (such as Amos Yee) are not relevant, unless the topic can be linked directly to autism.

4) Comparing the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) with other modern militaries and NS with other types of military service are relevant topics, as long as the discussion is linked to autism.

5) Any political questions regarding NS should be confined to the autism community only. For instance, a discussion about exempting all autistics from NS is relevant, but a discussion about abolishing NS will not be relevant. We are not interested to challenge the authorities about the wisdom of serving NS; we only wish to ask for reasonable accommodation and support.

6) Topics related to weaponry and warfare, especially those not used by the SAF, should be moved over to the Weapons & Warfare interest group for discussion. This group is meant to discuss NS, not warfare.

If you must really mention something irrelevant that is connected to a relevant topic currently under discussion, then remember to end it within three mentions.


Participants are welcome to share their experiences when it is relevant to do so. As there are many people who have shared about their autism experiences already, participants are advised to focus on depth, quality, and uniqueness. Share something that you don’t usually hear from other works on autism or something that gives a twist to the ordinary.

Do note the rules about keeping the group spam-free. If you must share a long essay or article, please upload it on a blog, website, Google Drive or other online services first, then share the link for us to read at our leisure.