Guidelines: Science & Engineering

This group focuses on Science & Engineering. Guidelines for staying on topic:

1) The topic and/or context should be related to science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

2) News articles on technology and scientific research can be shared.

3) Pure science fiction can be shared on the relevant fiction writing group; we focus more on actual and highly likely scientific advances.

4) Biomedical science should be shared in the biomedical interest group.

5) Neurological science should be shared in the spiritual and mental health group.

6) Notifications about outings to places for learning about science and technology (e.g. Science Centre) can be shared in this group.

Do note the rules about keeping the group spam-free. If you must share a long essay or article, please upload it on a blog, website, Google Drive or other online services first, then share the link for us to read at our leisure.