Guidelines: World News

This group focuses on World News. Guidelines for staying on topic:

1) The topic and/or context should be about world news. News directly related to the topics of other groups (e.g. autism advocacy) should be shared to the relevant groups instead.

2) You are free to call out civilly if the news shared have been proven to be fake. All news have motives thus do not listen to only one source. Do read with discernment.

3) Keep things civil if politics becomes the subject. We urge members to be cautious about believing only one side of a story.

4) Note that sharing of news by the group admins are just for your information/awareness and reading pleasure. Our act of sharing the news does NOT necessarily mean we endorse the news and its source.

Do note the rules about keeping the group spam-free. If you must share a long essay or article, please upload it on a blog, website, Google Drive or other online services first, then share the link for us to read at our leisure.